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a local business partner at VitaCafe! 


A new company that wants to do exclusive franchise 

1.The ability to open more than 500 stores.

1. A company that owns more than 500 stores there.

2. The ability to register a local trademark (co-right holder) and pay trademark usage fees.

2. Local trademark registration (co-right holder) and trademark usage fees.

3. The right to import and export machinery and liquids.

3. Import and export of machinery and liquid.


Support from HQ

1. Training for local managers (paid for business trip)

2. Brand design and store interior design manual.

3. Exclusive supply of undiluted solution with machinery    

4. Price is negotiated according to quantity



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If you want to run a local business at Vita Cafe, call +82-2-545-1926 or send me an email.

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